Wasps are friends
Wasps are friends

Many are pollinators and many eat agricultural pest insects. I know many people fear or despise these beautiful creatures. They sting and don’t die from it (and they seem to enjoy it). They try to steal your sandwich and fruit punch. But put down that bug spray–they do more good than harm.

First of all, we need them as pollinators. They don’t have hairy legs like honeybees, but they still manage to carry a reasonable amount of pollen from flower to flower as they drink nectar. Wasps also devour crop-destroying bugs such as grubs, caterpillars and weevils. In general, they help keep other insect species in check.

Some little known extra benefits:

  • without fig wasps, wild fig trees would never make figs
  • hornets and paper wasps are important to the grape lifecycle
  • yellow jackets help clean up dead bugs that are lying around
  • many birds and bats rely on a diet rich in bees and wasps

Watercolor, ink, and white gel pen on paper, 6″x6″.

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