The Red Panda is also called lesser panda, cat-bear, bear-cat, Himalayan raccoon, fox bear, and firefox

Yes, that firefox: Mozilla has said that the Red Panda is the inspiration for their Firefox brand and logo. Red Pandas were discovered in China long before Giant Pandas were, and the two are not closely related–though both belong to a larger group called the Carnivora order. Giant Pandas, also known as panda bears, are true bears. 

Red Pandas are not bears, cats, or foxes, but they are more closely related to raccoons, as well as to skunks and weasels. Red Pandas are not generally carnivores. They are usually vegetarian, preferring the sweet flesh of bamboo. However, they will on occasion eat birds, eggs, small mammals, leaves, and berries.

Ink, watercolor, and gel pen on paper, 6″x6″. 

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